A Newbies Guide Of Things To Do In Paris

A Newbies Guide Of Things To Do In Paris

Paris is high on many people' city break plans and a Paris travel guide is usually very useful if you're visiting France for the first time. With its museums, art, monuments, fine food, fashion, history and reputation for romance, a Paris city break rarely fails to delight.

The river is key to the city's appeal. Virtually every major building is near the Seine and essentially, life is divided by it. The Right Bank is the home of commerce; the Louvre; Pompidou Centre; historic Le Marais and the Grands Boulevards.


Our Paris Travel Guide is Incomplete Without The Eiffel Tower

The Left Bank is not only more bohemian and artistic but also offers great monuments like Invalides, the Eiffel Tower and the Musee d'Orsay. In between, the Ile de la Cite, the city's historic core dominated by the Cathedral of Notre-Dame, will be the first place to visit for many Paris city break visitors.

The view from the Eiffel Tower shows another side of Paris - this is a planned city. The uniform street plan, standard height of the buildings, uncluttered rooftops are all testimony to inspired forward thinking, notably by Baron Haussman. He demolished much of the old Paris in the 19th century and laid down the glorious boulevards and parks.

With such a huge variety of to choose from and so may sights to see, this city is top of most visitors' idea of the perfect romantic city break. And for getting around to see the sights, Paris can also boast a fast, efficient and relatively cheap public transport system.

The 1970s-built Pompidou Centre is one of the city's main tourist draws. The Musee d'Orsay shows what can be achieved if a traditional building, a railway station at that, is converted with panache into a world-class art gallery.

There are few places on earth that can equal Paris for cuisine. The up-scale restaurants serve fabulous food and wine, if at a price. Yet the excellent standards in the Latin Quarter, or in Le Marais' smaller restaurants or, indeed, thousands of the city's brasseries, bistros and cafes, can make any meal memorable and affordable.

Paris is also a thoroughly modern city and so easy to reach for a city break holiday thanks to plenty of cheap flights at any time of the year. Once there you may want to explore the local attractions.

Out of the city, but within easy reach, are the glories of Versailles, an experience that is quite overwhelming in its grandeur, while Disneyland-Paris will be hard to resist for many families. The many great Paris city tours available provide a great way to see all the sights. Get the most out of the history, culture and art that are such a big part of the city.

As you can see from this Paris travel guide, the is still a wonderful place to relax. Strolling by the river; browsing in the bouquaniste stalls for books and prints; walking the Champs-Elysee; exploring Montmartre; or just sipping a coffee on a Montparnasse cafe terrace and watching the world go by, these are the simple pleasures of a Paris city break that may be imprinted in the memory for ever.

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