best commuter backpack

best commuter backpack

The popularity of laptop computers has led to an explosion in the design and sales of various carriers and bags for the computers. Laptop carrier design is an extremely important consideration for laptop owners who plan on traveling with their device. The top laptop backpacks for travelers must be designed with the delicate machines in mind.

Many laptop owners have found out the very hard (and expensive) way that laptops really do require a little tender loving care in order to remain in peak working condition. Laptop backpacks have become especially popular because of the many advantages they offer.

Students, business people and commuters report that using a backpack carrier for laptops when traveling offers a higher level of protection to the device. When a traditional bag is used to store a laptop computer, it can easily be jostled or kicked on a train, bus, or subway.

There is also a greater chance that food or drink could be spilled on the bag. A laptop that is secured in a backpack is far less likely to fall prey to those kinds of damaging occurrences.


Why Choose a Laptop Backpack For Traveling

A laptop backpack is a stylish and sturdy way to provide protection, since they are simply more substantial than bags made from canvas or other material.

On average, laptop users pay over one thousand dollars for an individual unit. For most people, this constitutes a rather large investment. It is an unfortunate, but true, reality that laptops are extremely easy to steal, because they are small and light in weight.

The same problems that exist with hand carried bags and safety are easily transferred to security issues. Hand carried bags are very easy to pick up and simply carry off. A backpack is secured to the body, making it very difficult for a thief to snatch the laptop. A laptop backpack is a stylish and effective way to address the various issues that face laptop computer owners.

Laptop computers are not going away. They are more and more important to those who own them. A good quality laptop backpack is a perfect gift for an executive, a student, a business person, a commuter, or anyone else who might happen to own a laptop computer. The backpacks are very reasonably priced. O

n the average, a good quality, well constructed laptop backpack will cost between seventy dollars and two hundred dollars.

If you’re a casual professional – maneuvering full overhead bins, getting in and out of taxis, and also taking on some sightseeing during your travels can be tough. Wouldn’t you like a sleek alternative to the expected briefcase? Check out these 5 top laptop backpacks for smart travelers.

  1. HP Select 75 Backpack for 16 inch Laptop

Carry your notebook and more using the HP Select 75 Backpack, which combines protection, comfort and storage in a durable design. Keep the contents of your backpack organized using three main compartments and a front pocket that’s easy to access.

This HP backpack is the right size for any laptop with a display measuring up to 16 inches diagonal. Multilayer foam padding helps protect your notebook from short drops. And with padded shoulder straps, you can wear this HP backpack comfortably and count on its durable design.

The backpack has a reinforced bottom to protect against everyday bumps. Self-repairing zippers are simple to open and close. They also help keep your notebook, books, and other items secure in the bag. Plus, the top handle has industrial rivets so you can carry your backpack instead of wearing it.

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  • Carry more using three main compartments
  • Multilayer foam helps protect your notebook
  • Padded shoulder straps for more comfort
  • Durable design with reinforced bottom, self-repairing zippers and secure top handle


2. Mosey Life Convertible Backpack

Mosey Life Convertible Backpack Whoa Nelly! Changing from a shoulder bag to a backpack? That is crazy AND cool. Alert the media!

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  • Lead, nickel and cadmium free hardware
  • Lightweight, water resistant fabric
  • Shoulder strap converts to convenient backpack straps


Backpacks have been used for hundreds of years, and with good reason.  These simple devices are a convenient way to carry almost any thing.  It frees up your hands, and the design of the travel backpack distributes your weight across your shoulders and back to make carrying heavy items, or a large quantity of items, much easier.  These items are priceless, especially when traveling, as the ability to have many items easily within reach is much more important.


Travel Backpacks:


  • Hold all of your items in one convenient and easily portable package
  • Deter pickpockets and thieves.  A wallet by itself is really easy to steal.  A whole travel backpack is much harder to steal
  • Have many different pockets and pouches to separate your items, making access more efficient
  • May have laptop sleeves, which both conveniently store and are padded to protect you precious computer
  • Have a design which allows them to distribute weight, easing stress on your back, and distributing weight
  • Are water resistant to prevent all your items from being soaked in a rain storm or from splashes, spills etc.


As you can see, the pro’s of owning a travel backpack far out weigh the con (which is simply the price, hardly a negative in itself).