Love, Love, Love…

I wrote about it earlier this week, but I have grown up with an incredible family. They allow me to be me and do whatever I think is good for me. I also have an amazing family that is very open minded – a way of thought that has been passed down to me.

I am a single, straight, female but I have many friends who don’t share the same taste in partners as I. I grew up in a family, though, where from Day 1 it was clear to me that sexual orientation was a non-existent issue. It doesn’t matter who someone loves, because really, it’s only the love that matters.

I learned that at a young age. In fact, I believe if you Google me, there’s a quote from when I was five years old regarding it. Well, at least there used to be. I was quoted, in the Seattle Times, as a five year old saying something along the lines of “It doesn’t matter if you have two moms or two dads, you have two parents that love you.” My mom told me once that, when she read that, she realized she was doing a good job raising me.

Growing up, I never saw someone as gay or lesbian or straight or white or Asian or black, because it just really didn’t matter. In fact, I shouldn’t say growing up I never saw…I still don’t see people that way. People are people. There were two moments in my life when I realize that not everyone had that same outlook.

First moment.

Growing up I was blessed to be part of the Northwest Girlchoir – that’s a whole other post in itself.

As part of NWGC, we took park in a concert series with the Seattle Men’s Chorus. The Seattle Men’s Chorus is comprised of mostly gay men. I remember during the final practice, a member of NWGC stood up and came out. Followed by another, and another. It was a big deal. We had traveled the world together before the ages of 18, and for many girls it was the first time they felt they could be open about it.

Second moment.

I have a dear friend who once came out to me in a bathroom. Yup. In fact, the bathroom of a locker room of a professional sports team. She had a shirt on that said, everyone loves an Italian girl. I told her I liked her shirt. She said, do you know why I wear it? I said, nope. She said, my girlfriend (at the time) is Italian. My response? Cool – and I kept washing my hands. To me, it didn’t matter. She could have liked aliens as far as I was concerned. She was my friend and who she decided to have relationships with made no difference what I thought of her.

I am writing about this today because, today, of all days, I wish I was home in the States to go have a celebratory drink with some of my FrIeNdS (that was for one in particular…). When the rulings regarding DOMA and Prop 8 came down from the Supreme Court, I wanted to hug each and everyone of them.

Granted, our country has a long way to go in regards to equal rights for everyone. EVERYONE – regardless of sex, color, age, sexual orientation, la de da de da. But today is a big day. It’s a big deal. And to each of my friends that it directly effects….I couldn’t be happier for you. It’s about damn time.

“We will never have true civilization until we have learned to recognize the rights of others.” – Will Rogers

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2 responses to “Love, Love, Love…

  1. I love your LOVE LOVE LOVE! If more people in the world had been blessed with
    like life experiences wouldn’t it be a far better world?

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